Guidelines for ArcheOS developers

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Here you will find some useful resources for ArcheOS developers


Read the ArcheOS development policy before!

ArcheOS developers tools

A small list of useful tools and resources for ArcheOS developers:

Special ArcheOS packages versioning

The following packages major version MUST match the current ArcheOS version:

  • archeos-meta
  • archeos-keyring
  • archeos-manual
  • archeos-menu

For example: if ArcheOS is currently on version 5 (Theodoric), the archeos-meta major version must be like 5.x.

When ArcheOS will reach the next version obviously all the above packages must be modified to match the new version. This can be also done previously in a separate branch.

Contact ArcheOS developers

Official development mailing list: IRC: channel #archeos on freenode (

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