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This package creates the desktop-base Debian packages. It brings artwork, wallpapers and such on the live/installed system.

How to build the package (standard)


This section is common to all “simple” archeos packages.

  1. Edit the debian/control file and do the relative modifications (add package to depends, and so on).
  2. You can test the package build with git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new anytime you want.
  3. When ready to deploy a working version, commit your changes the usual way (git add & git commit).
  4. Use git-dch -R to update the changelog file. Edit it properly (if need to change something, but most of the time it doesn’t.) then add it and commit it too (usual git add and git commit).
  5. Build and tag the package with git-buildpackage --git-tag. Push changes upstream with git push && git push --tags
  6. Clean the package with debuild clean.
  7. Upload the packages (all deb files, changes and dsc) to the repository server and import them into the distrubution with reprepro.

Note that the ArcheOS version must be higher than the available debian one in order to be preferred to the upstream package.

The package

The desktop-base package is a standard debian package used to bring arwtork customization across the various desktop managers. It contains (among the other things):

  • Grub wallpaper
  • KDM/GDM3/LightDM/.. wallpaper
  • Gnome/KDE/other desktop background
  • Splash and KDM themes for KDE

The customization of this package is suggested in the Debian derivatives guidelines.

ArcheOS copied the customization comparing the upstream package with the Kali Linux one.

List of modified files (artwork and settings)

  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos-wallpaper_1024x768.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos-wallpaper_1280x1024.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos-wallpaper_1280x800.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos-wallpaper_1600x1200.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos-wallpaper_1920x1080.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos-wallpaper_1920x1200.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/backgrounds/archeos.xml
  • archeos-desktop-base/debian/postinst
  • archeos-desktop-base/emblems/emblem-debian.icon
  • archeos-desktop-base/emblems/emblem-debian.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/gdm3/10-desktop-base-settings
  • archeos-desktop-base/gdm3/background.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/gdm3/background.svg
  • archeos-desktop-base/gdm3/login
  • archeos-desktop-base/gdm3/login-background.svg
  • archeos-desktop-base/gnome-backgrounds.xml
  • archeos-desktop-base/grub/archeos-grub.png
  • archeos-desktop-base/kdm-theme/archeos
  • archeos-desktop-base/Makefile
  • archeos-desktop-base/plymouth/archeos


Update with Debian upstream version



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