ArcheOS developers toolchain

This page list all tools needed by ArcheOS developers to build common packages and how to setup and configure them correctly.

Obviously most of them are common to all Debian packagers toolchain.

Tools list

  • GPG with a generated public/private keypair

Install gnupg if is not alreay installed on you computer and generate a keypair: gpg --gen-key

Answer all the questions, specifically:

  1. Use RSA and RSA option to be able to both sign and ecrypt
  2. The keysize should be no smaller than 2048 bits long
  3. Set the exiry date (not expire is a good option in this case)
  4. Set your Real name, your Email address and an optional Comment that will be displayed to distinguish the key
  5. Enter a good Passphrase and generate the key
  • git-buildpackage
  • create the cowbuilder base
  • build-essential
  • rmadison to check version of package in all Debian repositories (useful)

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